Urban Tours

Half day – Soweto Township

Our tour will introduce you to aspects of daily life in Soweto and the social fabric of this vibrant city as well as offer you some insights into its fascinating history.

Half day – Johannesburg City

We drive from your collection point through the northern suburbs to Munro Drive in Houghton which offers an excellent view of the suburbs which give Johannesburg its reputation as the largest man-made urban forest.

Full day – Soweto Township

After our HALF DAY SOWETO TOUR we enjoy lunch at one of Soweto’s many tavern restaurants where you can enjoy traditional township fare such as peri-peri chicken and pap, morogo (spinach) or chisa nyama and chakalaka.

Full day – Soweto Township and Johannesburg City

After the JOHANNESBURG HALF DAY TOUR we will have lunch at and then drive to Soweto for a SOWETO HALF DAY TOUR.

Full day – Johannesburg and Sandton/Melville

Enjoy lunch at 44 Stanley Ave and then see Mandela Square in the heart Sandton.

Full day – Soweto and Apartheid Museum

After the SOWETO HALF DAY TOUR we will have lunch at a tavern restaurant in Soweto and then drive to the Apartheid Museum.

Full day – Johannesburg and Apartheid Museum

After the JOHANNESBURG HALF DAY TOUR we drive onto the M1 SOUTH to the Apartheid Museum where we will have lunch at the museum restaurant.

Full day – Johannesburg, Soweto and Apartheid Museum

This tour combines the route and many of the attractions we visit in our JOHANNESBURG CITY HALF DAY TOUR and our SOWETO HALF DAY TOUR with a visit to the APARTHEID MUSEUM as well.

Trip Advisor

In Main Street, Joburg see a large scale replica of the famous golden Mapungubwe rhino dating back to the 12th Century

Jozi – a city in constant change. Its different architectural styles offer insights into its history

In Kerk St locals queue to have their hair done by stylists coming from all over Africa